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You have ideas and stories to share, but the idea of reaching out to an agent or editor is intimidating, even overwhelming. How will you stand out from the crowd?

You want to write words that move and inspire people. You have a wealth of experience and great ideas to share, but grammar, punctuation, and syntax problems stand in your way.

Your manuscript is ready to go, but it needs the professional touch of an editor to help you smooth out your writing, ensure consistency, check for blind spots, and polish up your sentences.

Don’t worry; I’m here to help!

I have always loved the written word and its ability to transform lives.┬áDuring my young adult years, I wrote feature articles for local and national publications. I graduated from Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa, with a degree in English and much of my focus spent on creative writing electives. I served as the managing editor of my college’s literary journal, The Muse.

Following a seminary education, I spent over three years as a parish pastor while keeping my communication skills sharp through weekly sermon writing, regular newsletter articles and newspaper columns, and lots of interaction with a broad variety of people. I moved to the Flathead Valley in northwest Montana in December 2010 and began a new phase of life. I now work as a freelance writer, editor, proofreader, and national blogger. My work has appeared on the websites of Christianity Today, Christ and Pop Culture, and Leadership Journal. In addition to serving private editing clients, I also do contract proofreading for InterVarsity Press. I am a member of the Christian PEN (Proofreaders and Editors Network) and the Christian Editor Connection.

Clients tell me that I’ve helped them sharpen their writing skills and clarify their communications. My work for them has helped them land jobs, present themselves more professionally, and improve their writing. I am conscientious, committed to helping clients achieve their goals, and able to meet deadlines.

Although these are not exclusive editing areas for me, I specialize in editing:

  • Nonfiction
  • Christian literature
  • Biblical studies
  • Thesis projects
  • Websites, blogs, and articles

I do not accept:

  • Erotica
  • Fantasy (except for copyediting/proofreading)
  • Science fiction (except for copyediting/proofreading)

If you are unsure if your project would be a good fit, please contact me, and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

You will never regret the money you spent working with a professional writer and editor. Please let me know how I can help you meet your publishing or communication goals.

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