2 thoughts on “Why Christians Need to Join the Cultural Conversation

  1. So true! This reminds me of Romans 16:9 – Be excellent at what is good, innocent of evil. I think that we, as a group, confuse innocence with naivete. Combined with the fact that we are overly focused on our innocence as opposed to our excellence, we end up shortchanging the truth and giving an air of falseness to our witness. We also limit our ability to teach our children discernment rather than prejudice.

  2. Emily, I appreciate that move you made linking this discussion to parenthood and training our kids. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. We live in a world where kids are going to continually encounter viewpoints and content that run counter to their faith…unless they live in a monastery or something! Even if we are careful with our web controls at home and even if we limit what they are allowed to watch on TV, they simply are going to encounter stuff we wouldn’t like on a friend’s IPhone or the school computer…somewhere. So, I think the solution is lots of open conversations with our kids about worldviews in shows, music, books. Reading and watching and listening with them. Trying not to overly censor media (within reason). As we experience media together and talk about it, it helps them to develop that discernment you are talking about.

    I love the verse you brought into the discussion as well. Yes, lack of excellence DOES shortchange the truth. God can still use some of the poor (but clean!) Christian media out there…because He’s God. But for some people, the falseness that comes through in the lack of excellence is going to be a stumbling block.

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