2 thoughts on “Joining a Political Party: Idolatry?

  1. Rebecca,
    Thank you for your thoughtful article. I do feel that you are singling out political parties when the same abuses can be seen in virtually all human institutions. Certainly being overly enthusiastic about our school, club membership, career, church denomination, ethnic heritage, wealth, power, possessions, etc. is the same human failing you pointed out in political parties Political parties run the government and have discretion over many of the coercive powers government wealds over her citizenry, so the abuses may be larger in scope and more visible than other institutions. But it seems to me that the human failure is the same in all these cases—we lose sight of our creator and our proper place in his creation.

    Certainly most institutions are created with the intention of doing good or stopping harm and injustice. I don’t think we should be too reluctant to become involved, but we do need to remain be vigilant and keep our proper role in mind.

    Bill McLean

    1. Thank you for your insights, Bill. I think you raise an important point. When I find myself getting down on one institution or another, I eventually become reminded that all people and all institutions are shot through with sin. Even though many if not most of them were created with the hope of doing good. I think in our country, though, politics has become particularly infected with the ugliness found in the worst of our nature. It probably isn’t fair to pick on just politics, but I have seen so many Christians in recent years absolutely idolizing their political party…probably more than they do any other institution. It’s really become a toxic mix, on both sides of the aisle. That’s why I decided to deal with it separately from other institutions. Your point is well taken, though. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and help keep me balanced!

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