5 thoughts on “Decline of a “Christian Nation”: Can It Be a Good Thing for the Faith?

  1. Thanks for saying what I also have been thinking. Its kind of a bit of what I preached on Palm Sunday – that Jesus opposes Empire Thinking – and we have had a lot of Empire thinking in the US as you so well shared. We must decrease and Jesus must increase. Thanks again, my sister in Christ,
    Scott Meier, LCMC, pastor with Resurrection Lutheran Church of Alpena, Michigan http://www.rlca.us on facebook as Scott A. Meier

    1. Thank you, Scott. I was thinking about the same issues on Palm Sunday and once preached a sermon along those lines. It’s so clear to me that Jesus was definitely against Empire thinking and that the Kingdom of God is completely separate from some political kingdom of military might. But this is not obvious to a lot of Americans. It’s frustrating when we conflate God’s kingdom and man’s kingdom. Worse, I think it becomes such a poor witness that people are seriously turned off from even giving the Gospel a listen. Sometimes I think that if I saw some Christian behaviors and hadn’t grown up in the Church knowing that those behaviors are NOT God’s will, I might not be interested in the Church either. May God bring a revival in our churches. Only His Spirit can change us.

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