2 thoughts on “Maggie Gyllenhaal: “Art Can Be One Way In”

  1. It is because I have a concern for good art that I listened to a lot of “secular” music along with select Christian music. The truth is that a lot of Christian music is mediocre. Just because you slap Jesus lyrics on to sweet pop music doesn’t make it good art. Don’t get me wrong there are some good musicians in the Christian world, but as a whole, high level musicianship takes a back seat to evangelical lyric content, and even some of that is questionable, from a biblical stand point. Many Christian films are overly simplistic as well. On the other hand much of what comes out of Hollywood is antagonistic towards Christian faith be it Catholic, Protestant or Evangelical. We are frequently depicted as morons without a clue. I long for more high quality films from a biblical world view that ask good questions and don’t just preach at people or present faith in a simplistic way.

    1. Good thoughts, Bruce. I feel the same way! Much of Christian music is created to sell products, not to function as careful and reflective art. I have a tough time enjoying Christian products because the agenda is so heavy.

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