2 thoughts on “Self-Protection, Ebola, and Fear of the “Other”

  1. I can understand this, sat through an ethics meeting I was invited to at a local hospital in Fort Wayne. Unfortunately, much of the concerns of what would happen were already moving in the direction that was being spoken of within the CDC. The fear that we have of this is one of those things that test our integrity and our convictions. I pray that I don’t have to face this when it comes to my family. I am proud of the congregation that I have been called of to serve and the response that has come from them. We are trying to raise funds to be able to get the materials needed to the medical workers. It is entitled Fort Wayne’s Ebola Response. If anyone would like to help we have a site that directs 100% of the funds donated to the purchase and airflight of materials to the people who need them. It is set up through Direct Relief International which raises the overhead for the services through other means, people can find the link to the site at http://www.stjohnslaketownship.org. Let us also pray that it does not spread on our shores. Currently, the infections double every three weeks and we are behind the ball. If much of the fear reaction comes into play it will drive the infected underground which will only complicate the issue further and make it harder to combat. Education is the best tool, unfortunately, to do so requires trust and that is in short supply, particularly when it comes to the government and this is not just an American issue, but in the fragile states of Western Africa the idea of trusting the government is truly a foreign concept for many. Let’s pray and do what the church did in the plague and do what God calls us to do in Matthew 25. That is where in fear we can find hope and solace.

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