We are extremely grateful and blessed to be working with Rebecca. She is timely in her projects and correspondence, and her work is professional and detail-orientated. She has helped take our material to a new level of excellence.
—Wade Bearden, Content Director, Ministry Pass / Sermonary

I needed a copyeditor for a PhD dissertation in theology, which can be rather tricky due to the size of the project, the depth of the material, and the academic level required. Rebecca proved up to the task, tightening my phrasing and even at times my arguments. She caught typos and other errors after I thought I had checked them myself, and was enormously helpful with footnote and bibliographical standards and details that would have otherwise consumed me. She turned the work around quickly, and with amazing speed when I was in a hurry myself. I recommend her without reservation!
—David Galletta

I had about 2800 words of ad copy I needed edited. I had written and rewritten and couldn’t see the trees from the forest any longer. It is REALLY important copy for a rather high priced offer ($700-$1300), and I needed help!

Rebecca was AMAZING! She heard my voice, message and passion. She gave me 50-60 recommendations that were spot on. She not only took care of all the little grammar or spelling issues. But she worked on the clarity, strength, and overall how compelling my copy was. She helped with organization, flow and formatting as well! She gave great feedback on where I needed to lead stronger with the offer, and how to be more persuasive. Every single recommendation was exactly what I needed to hear, and no one else who read this copy had noticed.

Plus she is easy to work with, encouraging, and affordable. With this cleaner and stronger copy, just one extra sale will give a killer ROI on her services!

If you want copy that will covert….(um, yes, please!) have her do your edits!
—Jillian, Montana Money Adventures

Your comments were incredibly insightful and helpful in moving further into my thought process, and the line by line was great. … TOTALLY worth every penny!
—Ed Kay

Rebecca’s work on my novel-in-progress far exceeded my expectations. She paid attention to details, offered suggestions on strengthening the storyline, and was particularly helpful in identifying passages in need of clarification. I am grateful to have found an editor who critiques with such capable, yet polite, thoroughness.
—Darrel Holcombe

I finally put [my] stories on paper after fifty years. Storytelling is my strength, but it was after teaming up with Rebecca doing some edit work, that my writing really shone. Rebecca is an incredible asset to have in your writing corner. Her changes have never quieted my own writer’s voice. I would recommend Rebecca without reservation to help with your writing needs.
—Loring Walawander

Rebecca helped me tune up my children’s book with her expertise in content and grammar while being consistent in the direction I wanted the story to take. I was very happy with the end result.
—Natacha Kemp

I have used Rebecca for editing grammar and content for my business presentations. She is talented at her work and very timely. I won’t hesitate to use her in the future to help me present my business in the most professional manner possible. She is fun to work with and gives valuable and relevant feedback!
—Samantha Schurke, Co-owner of Base Camp Bigfork, Bigfork, MT

I was working on a writing project that just wasn’t coming together as I wanted it to. I turned to Rebecca for help, and was very happy with the results. She helped me to “tune up” the parts I had written and gave me a good start on the parts that I had not yet started. She quickly got the “feel” of the project, and her writing and editing were consistent with the direction I wanted to take. I was very pleased with the finished product, and would be glad to call on her again in a similar situation.
—Barbara Bruneau, Pastor at Blair Lutheran Church, Blair, WI

Rebecca is a very detail-oriented person who takes great pride in her work. She is hard working, very motivated, efficient, proficient, and excels in her writing. Rebecca is very trustworthy, and I would recommend her for any writing endeavor. Her professional expertise has helped us on many occasions.
—Eddie Crutsinger, Crane Operator at M&K Hotshot and Trucking

Rebecca is conscientious, committed to helping the client reach their goals, and able to meet deadlines. You won’t find a better writer/editor to meet your needs, anywhere … whether you need help with blogging, writing for your website, your book, or an article!
—Pam Taylor, The MomCourager™

Rebecca is both an excellent writer and a skillful listener. I could count on her to listen very carefully to my goals for the web pages that I asked her to write and edit. She asked clarifying questions to verify her understanding. This was key to the productive collaboration we enjoyed. Add to this her willingness to work within my deadlines and her kind, empathic manner and you can see why I felt blessed to have found her.
Carlyn Saltman, Communication and Relationship Coach


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