Editing Services

102605691_f0762ec634For those in the early stages of a writing project

  • Writing coaching: Deep encouragement and empowerment to help you firm up your writing goals, identify your strengths, and polish areas up areas of weakness. Each session is charged by the hour.
  • Developmental editing: Editing that occurs as your project unfolds, helping you to clarify your vision and develop your manuscript with careful organization. Charged by the hour.
  • Substantive editing: Thought-level editing that strengthens and tightens up your writing after your first draft is complete. Charged by the hour.

For those in the latter stages of a writing project

  • Copyediting: Editing that occurs after substantive editing is complete. Attention is given to grammar, punctuation, spelling, headings, and consistency. Charged by the hour.
  • Hard-copy proofreading: Checking for errors on your printed proof, using proofreading marks.
  • Book proposal and query letter editing: Careful review to ensure your queries and proposals meet your target agent’s guidelines and are presented professionally and winsomely. Charged by the hour.

For thesis/dissertation writers

  • Substantive editing
  • Copyediting

Additional services

  • Resume editing
  • Website copyediting and copy writing
  • Article writing

Contact me today for a free sample edit and quote: rmiller001@luthersem.edu.

 photo credit: IMGP3203 via photopin (license)

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